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What is a Dyad?

A Dyad is a form of co-meditation between two people and follows a clear structure; the Witness asks a question, holds space, and practises empathetic listening (without verbal or nonverbal reaction) and the person receiving the Dyad describes their experience verbally. Questions can explore specific sensations, emotions and cognitions (thoughts, beliefs, images, memories, and stories we take to be true).

In Co-Meditation, you are offered the invitation to learn how to sit face-to-face with yourself, by sitting face-to-face with another. During the process, you are encouraged to unconditionally welcome all that is arising. You are invited to notice sensations, emotions and cognitions and to recognise that these are all messengers offering you greater insight to your inner landscape.

Dyad Co-Meditation offers you a safe haven to delve deeper into self-enquiry and to meet yourself without judgement, without agenda and without the need to fix or change yourself. Experiencing a Dyad Co-Meditation creates the opportunity for you to cultivate greater compassion, kindness and gentleness for yourself and others. The practice of Dyad Co-Meditation does not come from a place of brokenness or a need to fix or change something, and instead, it starts from a place that recognises that we are already whole and offers you the space to discover profound insights.

Dyads can have a profound long-term impact on a person's capacity to meet the fullness of life's emotions without being hijacked by them. As a person experiences themselves more and more as a neutral observer, they may begin to know a deeper, more peaceful aspect of themselves that they may have been unaware of. ​ ​

If you would like to book a Dyad Co-Meditation consultation with me, take a look at the Dyad Co-Meditation page for more information.

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