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Yoga Programs

Themed yoga programs for you to follow.  Each yoga program is designed so that you can easily incorporate your yoga practice into your own schedule and lifestyle.  These yoga programs are designed to help you nurture a rewarding, dedicated and sustained at home yoga practice that enhances your emotional, physical and mental well-being.  All yoga programs are accessible on this website, allowing you to practice at your own pace in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Morning Yoga Stretch | Helping you to incorporate yoga into your routine


The embodiment of a little + often = a lot, the Yoga Stretch program guides you through 15 minutes of yoga.  These short and sweet yoga classes will allow you to easily incorporate yoga into your daily routine and the classes are designed so that after four days, you will have completed a full body yoga sequence.  Each class closes with a quote to inspire you for the rest of your day.

The Sunday Sanctuary | Your weekly haven of peace and tranquility


Every Sunday, for the next few months, I will be sharing a video on the Ailsa Burns YouTube channel at 8am (UK time).  For half an hour, each week, I will be creating and holding space for you to relax, unwind and rest.  I will be sharing yoga classes and Yoga Nidra as well as inspirational and thoughtful videos that explore yoga, well-being, and the bigger questions about life.  My hope is that this space adds ritual and rhythm to your week and helps you to greet yourself with kindness, compassion, and gentleness.  The Sunday Sanctuary is your weekly haven of peace and tranquility in a turbulent world.​ ​


Evening Stillness | Seven short yoga classes to relax, unwind and prepare for bed


Transition from a hectic and busy day into a relaxing and rejuvenating evening with soothing Gentle Yoga Flow classes.  This collection includes seven yoga classes that last 20 to 30 minutes, one for each day of the week.  Each class is designed to be calming and relaxing for the nervous system, offer you space for silence and stillness and guide you to a peaceful state of deep relaxation.  Evening Stillness is your sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

Morning Espresso Part 2 | 30-40 minutes of morning yoga, five days a week


Better than your morning coffee, these 30-40 minute yoga classes will wake you up, stretch you out and energise you for the day ahead.  This yoga program lasts two weeks and includes five videos each week (four Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes and one Gentle Yoga Flow class).  Each yoga class begins slowly to allow you to awaken and unfurl from your slumber, builds to an energising, strengthening and invigorating yoga flow and closes with a deeply relaxing cool down and Savasana.


Peak Pose | Dynamic and challenging Vinyasa classes themed around iconic yoga poses


A curated collection of dynamic and strengthening Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes to practise challenging and playful iconic yoga poses.  Each class is expertly sequenced and designed to ensure that your body is warmed up and you are fully prepared to have a play with each Peak Pose.  As always, a number of variations of the pose are included in the class to cater for how you are feeling on the day.

Journey to Presence | Three one-hour Gentle Yoga Flow classes each week


Over the course of three weeks, you are invited to cultivate a ritual of silence and stillness with three one-hour Gentle Yoga Flow classes to practise per week.  Each one-hour Gentle Yoga Flow class guides you through a calming and relaxing sequence to enhance your awareness of the breath and to offer you a sense of grounding in the present moment.  The heart of the philosophical teachings of yoga are the abundance of tools that this powerful discipline can offer to help you to enjoy the simplicity of the present moment, rather than ruminating on the past or worrying about the future.  This is your time to take the journey to a more present state of being.

The Chakra Series | 30 minutes of Gentle Yoga exploring the seven major Chakras


The seven major Chakras, or energy centres, in the body correspond to different parts of the body, different parts of our emotional life and different parts of our spiritual life.  The Chakra Series guides you through seven Gentle Yoga Flow sequences that you can practise at your own pace.  Each class explores a different Chakra and the entire series of yoga classes promises to leave you feeling balanced, aligned and awakened.

Explore the Elements | Five one-hour Elemental Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes 


Explore and discover the balancing and harmonising effects of elemental yoga with five Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes each lasting one hour.  There are five elements in yoga philosophy; earth, water, fire, air and ether (space), and each element corresponds a different part of the body, Chakra and symbolic concept in our lives.  The elements are a lovely way to remind ourselves of our connection to nature and aligning your yoga practice with the elements allows you to be more reflective about yourself and your life in a comprehensive way.  You can learn more about Elemental Yoga here. 

Morning Espresso | 30 minutes of Vinyasa Flow to energise you for the day ahead 


Better than your morning coffee, these 30 minute Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes will wake you up, stretch you out and energise you for the day ahead.  This video calendar lasts four weeks and includes three videos each week.  Each yoga class begins slowly to allow you to awaken and unfurl from your slumber, builds to an energising, strengthening and invigorating yoga flow and closes with a deeply relaxing cool down and Savasana.

Homecoming | A 3-week program for returning to your yoga practice


A common conversation that I have with students is that after an enthusiastic start, they often fall out of the habit of doing yoga regularly.  Therefore, I thought I would share a yoga program that is designed to guide you back to your yoga practice.  This 15 day program takes place over the course of 3 weeks with each yoga class lasting up to 30 minutes.  Nurture self-acceptance and return to your yoga practice in a gentle, kind and compassionate way.

30 Days of Yoga challenge | Reflect, reset and begin again with intention


30 days of yoga to help you reflect, reset, express gratitude, explore your yoga practice, let go and cultivate an intentional way of living that is personal to you and reflects your values.  You can follow the calendar over the course of a month or at your own pace and there are two exclusive videos included that are not available to view on YouTube.

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