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Light in Bloom

Join Ailsa for three days of online and on-demand yoga and Yoga Nidra.  From Thursday 20th to Saturday 22nd June 2024, you are invited to ignite your inner fire and uplift your inner being.  This program is your time to slow down and reflect on the close of Spring, to celebrate the fiery essence of the Solstice and to cultivate ritual as you bloom into the new season of Summer.  Each morning you will receive an email prompting you to explore a different aspect of yoga and Yoga Nidra.  Classes include: a 30 minute strengthening yoga sequence, a 1 hour grounding and calming yoga class, a 20 minute restful Yoga Nidra meditation and an intention-setting ritual and journalling exercise.  Sign to the email newsletter to join this program for free (you can unsubscribe​ at any time).

To join the free Light in Bloom program, please subscribe to the email newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time)

A free online & on-demand program

Three days of yoga and Yoga Nidra to create a holistic toolkit to support your life.   Light in Bloom is hosted on a dedicated online portal, the last day to sign up for the program is Wednesday 19th June 2024 and the last day to access the program is Monday 24th June 2024. 

Day 1: 30 minute Yoga Class

energise | empower | uplift | inspire

Day 2: 1 hour Yoga Class

ground | balance | calm | relax

Day 3: 20 minute Yoga Nidra

rest | restore | slow down | reflect

About Ailsa


I’m Ailsa and I have been teaching yoga since 2017 and practising since 2008. I love sharing my practice with students and I am passionate about sharing the mental and physical benefits of yoga. For me, yoga is not simply a physical movement of the body; it is a form of moving meditation, a tool for stress relief and a practice to help you manage your mind.

It gives me so much joy to share my yoga and Yoga Nidra offering with you.  My hope is that my yoga offering is a haven of peace and tranquillity for you and can help you to relax, rest and sleep.

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